Pontoon boat on river.
Image courtesy of Doug Engle


This restoration project of state and national significance will:

The Great Florida Riverway Trust understands that every day the water and wildlife of this natural system is blocked, harm is being done to Silver Springs, and the Ocklawaha and St. Johns Rivers.

By utilizing our resources to advance this historic restoration project, we believe that we can inspire elected leaders to take swift action to begin the process to restore the system back to its original flow.

Economic Benefits

The restoration of the Great Florida Riverway will have a tremendous impact on recreation and economic development to the benefit of not only the local communities, but the economic vitality of the region, as well as contribute to Florida’s prosperous water-based outdoor recreation industry economy.

Economic analysis projects a 28% increase in recreational activity will occur with a restored river compared to its current state. The projected 10-year return on investment is a significant 7.6%, which is greater than most public works projects.

Restoration is projected to bring a cumulative net benefit of $47.2 million over 10 years, while keeping the dam or status quo with no restoration is projected to create a cumulative loss of $5.3 million (Alan Hodges, PhD, retired UF economist).

View the report to see why Florida TaxWatch has endorsed the project.